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Welcome to Copper and Brass Sales Metal Clearance Center where you can find great discounts on alloys. Non-processed orders will ship next day. Processing and shipping costs are not included in the prices below. Please read our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for more information.


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Aluminum Tube

Aluminum Tube Alloy 6061 – T6511 TUB EXST 1.156 0.250

2,649 lbs in Milwaukee, WI

Expires 12/16/2022

Above 500 lbs $2.92 /lb
301-500 lbs $3.24 /lb
Up to 300 lbs $3.65 /lb
Dimensions: 1.156″ (=.015-.01) OD x 0.250″ Wall Thickness x 168.0″
Industry Automotive, Electrical Equipment, Oil & Gas, Medical, Telecom, MRO, Recreational
Dom/DFAR Compliant/Free Trade: Domestic / DFAR Compliant
Specifications: ASTM B 221 – 2020
Part Number: ALTUB00263
Notes: 229 pieces available


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Stainless Steel Rectangle

Stainless Steel Alloy 17-4 HRAPA REC

4,724 lbs in Northwood, OH

Expires 11/18/2022

Above 500 lbs $3.19 /lb
301-500 lbs $3.54 /lb
Up to 300 lbs $3.99 /lb
Dimensions: 0.25″ (=/-.008″) x 1 (+.0258″) x 147.25″
Industry Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical, MRO, Recreational
Dom/DFAR Compliant/Free Trade: Foreign / DFAR Compliant
Specifications: ASTM 484/A 484M – 2020
Part Number: SSREC00001
Notes: 426 pieces available


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Terms and Conditions:

  • All discounted clearance items are sold “as is”. If you require additional processing, your sales associate will provide you with a cost for these services.
  • Items purchased with additional processing are subject to the purchase of all quantities of processed batch as identified at time of order
  • Order limited to quantity on hand
  • Discount does not apply to processing or shipping fees
  • Mill test reports are available for all discount inventory stock at no additional cost
  • All pricing in U.S. dollars
  • Cross border transactions fees are not included and will be added where applicable

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