Aerospace Alloys

thyssenkrupp Copper and Brass Sales provides inventory, processing, and logistics solutions to improve cycle time and lower costs for aerospace materials users around the world. Our people, suppliers, warehouses and processing facilities are dedicated to consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

We provide a complete range of aerospace materials including:

all produced and processed to the most stringent of aerospace standards.

You benefit from our industry-leading information systems along with our wide-ranging fleet of trucks and extensive logistics and distribution expertise. We supply major airframe manufacturers, large assemblers, airlines, hundreds of aerospace machine shops, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities.

We are closely aligned with the major aerospace material suppliers in the world. Because the aerospace industry is global, we have the infrastructure to support customers throughout the world including Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America. Our orders ship on time. We also have integrated systems that support AOG (aircraft-on-ground) and other short lead-time requirements. We are focused on working for you to improve service, lower your inventories, reduce work in process, and free up your working capital. At thyssenkrupp Copper and Brass Sales, we are your aerospace materials and logistics experts.

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