Copper and Brass Sales is committed to being your best source
for a complete selection of metals specifically tailored to the
needs of the medical instrument and device manufacturing

Our large, diversified inventory features a wide range of
stainless steel including MAXX®, AccuMAXX®, and Project
70+® premium rod and bar for critical production machining
applications. And we offer our own in-house centerless grinding
services for improved surface finish.

For superior machining in a plate product, 6013 aluminum
offers faster speeds and feeds, smaller chip sizes, and better
surface finish than standard 6061, without sacrificing corrosion
resistance, weldablity, thermal conductivity or anodizablity.

With 6013 aluminum compared with 6061 you get:
• 30% to 40% smaller chip sizes
• 25% to 45% higher speeds and feeds
• Less metal build-up on cutting tools and work piece

And finally, when it comes to high-performance electrical and
electronic applications, our exclusive 101OFE from Hitachi
offers the highest purity and conductivity of any copper product
available today.