Bringing Normal Back: Cyber Week Sale 2020

As we approach the final stretch of 2020, we can reflect on some of the significant changes that we’ve all had to endure. Copper and Brass Sales would like to help bring some normal back to our customers by doing what we’ve done for the past few years: a Cyber Week sale!

Stress Less

Stress at work not only impacts employee health, but also affects workplace safety. Between 60 and 80 percent of workplace accidents are the result of stress-induced issues. At thyssenkrupp, we encourage employees to be safe. April is national stress awareness month. This week between working full time and the end of tax season and a... Continue Reading →

Copper and Brass Customer Portal

The Copper and Brass customer portal allows current customers to have instant access to quote and order history, shipping paperwork, material certs, and delivery tracking. Our customers have asked us for self-service online and we are our way to deliver this, with our first stop being this customer portal.

“Check out my Snappy collection”

Long-time Copper and Brass employee Max Brown discusses his collection of “Snappy Service” company memorabilia. Snappy, a caricature of a saluting man wearing a Copper and Brass Sales shield, was first used in the 1970's and later as a symbol of Copper and Brass Sales’s fast service. After almost 100 years in business, the company... Continue Reading →

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