Celebrating 90 Years as Copper and Brass Sales

A result of a strategic business proposal in the 1930’s, a dedication to quality and customer service, and a drive to improve the metal service center industry from within, Copper and Brass Sales is excited to be celebrating its 90th anniversary! In 1931 Sherman FitzSimons, Harry Howenstein and Sherman FitzSimons Jr, principles of FitzSimons Manufacturing,... Continue Reading →

What You Need To Know About Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a precision computer-controlled cutting technology that uses a high-pressure water pump, combined with an abrasive, to cut near net shapes from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics. The pump is capable of releasing up to 3 liters of water per minute through a 0.28-millimeter water nozzle. Adding a flow of garnet to the... Continue Reading →

New Order Tracking Feature Now Available

Tracking your thyssenkrupp Materials delivery in North America has never been easier with our new tracking feature and enhanced on-line capabilities. It's now possible to find your orders with a few clicks 24/7 by logging into our customer portal at b2b.tkmna.com. With this new feature, you can now track your material orders in real-time, any... Continue Reading →

Traverse Winding Capabilities in Bolingbrook, IL

Copper and Brass Sales is excited to announce its new Burghardt +Schmidt traverse winding equipment line at their Bolingbrook, Illinois facility is operational. The new traverse winder is a fully automated way to wind metal. The machine features programmable software for a high level of repeatability and consistency. "Traverse winding reduces set-ups and changeovers in... Continue Reading →

Learn to See Hazards

June 2019 is officially National Safety Month.  Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury at work, on the road and in our homes and communities. At thyssenkrupp Copper and Brass Sales, safety is a key focus every day. Every week this month we will be talking about a... Continue Reading →

Stress Less

Stress at work not only impacts employee health, but also affects workplace safety. Between 60 and 80 percent of workplace accidents are the result of stress-induced issues. At thyssenkrupp, we encourage employees to be safe. April is national stress awareness month. This week between working full time and the end of tax season and a... Continue Reading →

Take it to the MAXX®

When it comes to screw machine and high volume production applications, you can depend on MAXX Stainless Steel to run better, run smoother, run longer and deliver more "parts to the pan". That's because MAXX Stainless Steel is specially formulated with a controlled chemistry optimized for mechanical properties, surface finish, and consistent high quality -... Continue Reading →

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