Copper and Brass Customer Portal

The Copper and Brass customer portal allows current customers to have instant access to quote and order history, shipping paperwork, material certs, and delivery tracking. Our customers have asked us for self-service online and we are on our way to deliver this, with our first stop being this customer portal.

Any individual in any department can gain access to the portal to help support their job responsibilities. No more waiting for emails and spending valuable time tracking down a contact to get the information you need. Easy navigation and multiple search options allows you to pull up your order and view all associated paperwork. Stop losing sleep wondering if your material has shipped. Can’t remember who your sales contact is? That’s ok – your sales contact information is available in the portal as well. Wearing multiple hats and need a central location to view past quotes and orders? Done! We keep the past 365 days of history for you to access.

The Copper and Brass customer sales portal is a tool that you can access at any time. We have a designated support staff to help you sign up and utilize the self-service features. Stay tuned as we will be rolling out new training documents, video demos, and additional blogs to help you maximize your experience.

If you are an existing Copper and Brass Sales customer and would like access to the portal or need a password reset, please email

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