Traverse Winding Capabilities in Bolingbrook, IL

Copper and Brass Sales is excited to announce its new Burghardt +Schmidt traverse winding equipment line at their Bolingbrook, Illinois facility is operational. The new traverse winder is a fully automated way to wind metal. The machine features programmable software for a high level of repeatability and consistency.

“Traverse winding reduces set-ups and changeovers in the production process and helps lower manufacturing costs for our customers. This new state-of-the-art traverse winder ensures the highest quality product is delivered every time,” notes Rob Carlson, North American Red Metal Strip Sales Manager for Copper and Brass Sales. “The goal at Copper and Brass Sales is to be the first choice for customers. This additional value-add metal processing capability allows us to help save them both time and money.”

The traverse winder enhances the company’s state-of-the-art red metal strip processing facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois which stores over 2 million pounds of inventory. Red Metal products available include copper, brass, bronze, and High-Performance Alloys, or HPAs.  Slitting capabilities include double looping pit slitters with shimless tooling, especially well-suited to supporting red metal strip materials of the highest quality level requirements for the automotive, appliance and electronic connector industries.

The Bolingbrook facility’s new traverse winder’s capabilities are as follows:

  •  Width range of .200” thru 2.00”
  • Gauge range of .005” thru .095”
  • Reel sizes up to 4000 pounds in a traditional spool package
  • 16” cardboard core package with selectable core width

To learn more about traverse winding and see this new equipment in action, watch this video. 

For additional information on traverse winding, red metal strip and Copper and Brass Sales,, please contact Rob Carlson at

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