Do You Need Saw-Cut Metal Bar?

At thyssenkrupp Materials Copper and Brass Sales – we have a variety of saws from which to choose from to process material for you. Our efficient processing methods enable us to select the best saw for the job. As a result – we can provide the best cost, right cut quality and tolerances in the right time frame to support your saw cutting needs. There are many benefits to having us provide the cutting for bar/tubing products.

Benefits to having us cut bar/tubing products:

  • Improved efficiency / lower costs
  • Minimized handling and focus on processing finished parts
  • Increased production capacity
  • Saw cutting is a core competency of our company – Let us provide sawing services to you; it’s what we do!

Let us handle the scrap created in cutting bar and tubing products. No need to worry about leftover bar ends, saw kerf, etc. You can buy the precise amount of metal that you need, in the quantities you need without worrying about the scrap generated from sawing the material in-house. Why should you waste your valuable workforce and production time sawing material, rather than focusing on machining finished parts to deliver to your valued customers?

Remove sawing equipment from your facilities and make room for more machining equipment. We can provide material cut to the size and quality you need to load directly in your machining centers. No longer will you waste the time and space required to stock full-length bar/tubing and then cutting on the production floor before machining.

We have a wide range of saws to suit our customers’ demands. These saws use a machined circular blade that is both accurate and fast. From high-speed Tsune saws that provide incredibly tight tolerances and excellent cut-edge quality, to our large Met-L and Kasto band saws that can cut up to 24” diameter bar, we have the right saw for your needs!

Contact us here or call us at (800) 926-2600.

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