Four Ways Our Processing Methods Remove Steps From the Supply Chain

At thyssenkrupp Materials NA – we pride ourselves in overall efficiency when working towards our customer’s end requirements.

Production facility operational supply chain planning is the groundwork for activity both inside and outside of the facility. Supply chain management is among the many services provided to our customers.

Here are four ways our processing methods remove steps from the supply chain:

  1. Pre-plated material bought from Copper and Brass Sales eliminates the need to rack or barrel plate material after stamping.
  2. Traverse wound material – This reduces machine setups associated with and related to individual pancake coil processing.
  3. Reduces the burden of our customers needing to:
    • Manage longer mill and subcontractor lead times.
    • Manage larger mill minimums per order.
    • Scrap buyback options allow the removal of separately needing to manage this step of the supply process with a third party.

For over 100 years, thyssenkrupp has been a reliable partner of the global automotive industry.

Here are few pain points that customers can experience if their orders ARE NOT on time that would be specific to an automotive customer:

  1. Line down situations, including downstream customer penalties for lost production.
  2. Juggling production schedules based on stocks on hand available to run vs. what is needed but late.
  3. Expedited freight – increased production costs due to smaller production lots – being hand to mouth.

We uphold our clients with the particular preparatory measures they need – for the present traditional drive and the versatility of tomorrow.

Regardless of whether it’s electric mobility, lightweight development, self-ruling driving, or smart chassis, together with our clients we discover the response to each challenge – and bolster them with precisely the arrangements they need!

We understand the complexities of managing an effective, efficient supply chain and have decades of experience in all aspects of the industry.

Allow us to eliminate waste and unnecessary rework! Contact us today for more information or to get a quote. 

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