Anti-Microbial Copper Goes Beyond!

Copper and it’s Anti- Microbial properties go beyond its uses medically and in healthcare.

Copper-especially that of anti-microbial properties has found it’s way out of the light of just one use. Today, despite the presence of hundreds of other materials, copper is still widely used in many critical application across a broad range of industries.


  • Transportation
  • Food Production

& More.


Copper is a highly utilized metal for transportation. Copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Reported by Automotive World- In recent years the country of Poland created and electrical bus that feature handrails made from antimicrobial copper, which will continuously destroy germs deposited on their surfaces, helping reduce the spread of infection between passengers.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that- food borne diseases are an important public health problem resulting in significant social and economic burden worldwide. Copper-containing solutions applied to fruits and vegetables can prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Bacteria, such as salmonellae often found in food contamination, are rapidly killed on contact with copper alloys. In 2008, the Environment Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) approved the use of copper alloys as clinical contact surfaces due to confirmed antimicrobial properties.

In review, Copper Development Association Inc. researches and reports have stated that copper’s antimicrobial property are becoming increasingly important to the prevention of infections by way of bacteria. Its anti-microbial makeup and ion breakdown provide the properties to do such.


This post wraps up our Anti-Microbial Copper series.

Check back in on our blog next week as we discuss topics in the firearm industry.


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