Enhancements: Favorites, Quantity Price Breaks, and User Roles on the eCommerce Website

Three of the most requested features of the Copper and Brass Sales eCommerce website have been developed and released to the site just recently: product favorites, identification of quantity price breaks, and management of company users on your account. In addition, we’ve enhanced the site with more detailed product information on each product page, we provide snapshots of metal value trends, and allow customers to request custom products.

Since 2021, Copper and Brass Sales customers have had access to this eCommerce website (https://b2b.tkmxplus.com) where they can quote and purchase products instantly online, and also access all paperwork and information as it pertains to quotes and orders. Each month we release updates and enhancements to the site that help improve the customer experience and meet the needs that our customers have identified.

Let’s explore some of the more recent additions of the eCommerce website.


The favorites feature allows customers to easily mark and access favorite or frequently browsed products.

You can add a product to your Favorites list when viewing a product details page. Then view your list of favorites from your dashboard for future quoting or ordering.

Watch this quick video on how to use favorites »

Quantity Price Breaks

The quantity price breaks feature helps customers identify price breaks at different quantities for a product.

Locate the product that you’d like to price, then add multiple quantities to the cart from that product details page. Just click on “Add Another Quantity” in the “Add Products to Cart” box. Then go to your cart and choose to price the items separately before you get prices. Once you’re presented with pricing, you can decide which quantity of the product you’d like to proceed with and delete the others.

Watch this quick video on how to find quantity price breaks »

Company User Roles

The user roles feature allows customers to see and manage existing users with access to their company account, plus invite more users to join.

In order to access this, you need to navigate to My Account > Users to see the list of users. Request admin access, invite users, or you can remove a user from the account if you’re already an admin.

Watch this quick video on how to view and manage user roles »

Additional eCommerce Website Enhancements

Additional features have been built into the site to make life easier for Copper and Brass Sales customers and create a more efficient buying process.

Over the course of the last year, the product details pages were enhanced with additional information to help educate customers about different aspects of our products. You’ll find information such as physical properties, chemical properties, mechanical properties and fabrication properties, available value-added services for each product, and even metal values.

Metal value trends were added to the product details page and to the dashboard so you can understand what’s happening in the market over the last two years. This can help customers understand the cost of material as well as how it may affect product pricing over time.

Customers can now request custom products, or products that they are unable to locate in the product catalog, through either the dashboard, the product selection process, or on the product details page.

Features & Benefits of the eCommerce Website

What exactly can you do on the eCommerce Website for Copper and Brass Sales? Below are the features and benefits available:

  • Online Ordering
  • Instant Pricing
  • Instant Delivery Date
  • Instant Online Quoting
  • View Invoices
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Shipping Paperwork: Material Test Reports (MTRs), Invoices, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Delivery Notes
  • Quote History
  • Order History
  • Account Preferences
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications
  • Live Chat and Support


Plus the Latest Features Enhancements

  • Enhanced product information
  • Request custom products
  • Metal value trends
  • Determine quantity price breaks
  • Product Favorites
  • View and manage company users

Through our efforts to be the customer’s first choice, we pledge to continually improve the customer experience. Keep an eye out for additional features as you use the site. We’ll work to communicate them to you as well here, through email, and on social media (LinkedIn | Twitter). If you have any thoughts or ideas on features or enhancements, please contact us.

The eCommerce website for Copper and Brass Sales customers is available even when our sales team isn’t. Customers can access the eCommerce website 24 hours a day to quote, order, view, track, and manage existing orders. So, if you fit the criteria of being a customer based in the United States who doesn’t need to pay invoices online, manage contracts, or quote coil, it’s time to get registered!

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