In Stock Indicator and Request One Heat Lot on the eCommerce Website

The eCommerce website for Copper and Brass Sales is on fire with enhancements to stock you full of knowledge this summer!  Each month we release updates to the eCommerce website at to enhance the customer experience and fulfill requests for features.

Let’s take a look at the new additions to the eCommerce Website.

In Stock Indicator

When it comes to metal stock, customers have questions beyond what the price is.

  • Have you ever wondered if the metal that you want is in stock at Copper and Brass Sales?
  • If it’s not in stock, would you want to know when we plan to get it?
  • When can you get the metal and where is it being shipped from?

We can answer all of those questions on the eCommerce website through the newly released stock indicator feature in our cart! Simply add your products to the cart and get your pricing. You’ll then see whether the product is in stock, if the stock is incoming, the earliest delivery date, and the shipping location.

One Heat Lot

Sometimes, ordering all of your metal from one heat lot is what’s required for the job. You can now request one heat lot when adding items to your cart and when checking out.

Features & Benefits of the eCommerce Website

What exactly can you do on the eCommerce Website for Copper and Brass Sales? Below are the features and benefits available:

  • Online Ordering
  • Instant Pricing
  • Instant Delivery Date
  • Instant Online Quoting
  • View Invoices
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Shipping Paperwork: Material Test Reports (MTRs), Invoices, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Delivery Notes
  • Quote History
  • Order History
  • Quantity Price Breaks
  • Metal Value Trends
  • Favorite Products
  • Account Preferences
  • User Management
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications
  • Live Chat and Support


Plus the Latest Features Enhancements

  • Stock Indicator
  • Request One Heat Lot

Through our efforts to be the customer’s first choice, we pledge to continually improve the customer experience. Keep an eye out for additional features as you use the site. We’ll work to communicate them to you on our blog, through email, and on social media (LinkedIn | Twitter). If you have any thoughts or ideas on features or enhancements, please contact us.

The eCommerce website for Copper and Brass Sales customers is available even when our sales team isn’t. Customers can access the eCommerce website 24 hours a day to quote, order, view, track, and manage existing orders. So, if you fit the criteria of being a customer based in the United States who doesn’t need to pay invoices online, manage contracts, or quote coil, it’s time to get registered!

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