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Begin the week with great discounts  Looking for a great price on C14700 Sulfur Bearing Copper round bar? The C14700 Sulfur Bearing Copper Alloy is ideally suited to brazing, soldering, and butt welding. Spot welding, oxyacetylene welding, gas shielded arc welding, seam welding, and coated metal arc welding are also suitable but provide lower quality... Continue Reading →

12L14 Steel Round Bar Now on Clearance

We are selling some of our stainless steel alloy 12L14 Steel round bar at a discounted rate. This round bar is cold drawn. Our discounted material .9375" diameter (+0-.002) and available in length of 144”. This material price ranges from $.95 - $1.45 a lb depending on how many lbs you purchase. This product ships... Continue Reading →

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