Take it to the MAXX®

When it comes to screw machine and high volume production applications, you can depend on MAXX Stainless Steel to run better, run smoother, run longer and deliver more “parts to the pan”. That’s because MAXX Stainless Steel is specially formulated with a controlled chemistry optimized for mechanical properties, surface finish, and consistent high quality – lot-to-lot, bar-to-bar and part-to-part.

With MAXX Stainless Steel you are assured of maximum consistency for reduced set up time, maximum machinabilty for longer tool life and maximum reliability for increased profits. And you can only get it from thyssenkrupp’s Copper and Brass Sales division.

And because this product comes from Copper and Brass Sales, you’ll also get the dependable delivery performance and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your supply chain is backed up by the global network of the thyssenkrupp group of companies.

MAXX Stainless Steel is available in types 303, 304/304L and 316/316L. Please contact us at cbsinfo@thyssenkrupp.com if you’re interested in ordering this product.

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