Stress Less

Stress at work not only impacts employee health, but also affects workplace safety. Between 60 and 80 percent of workplace accidents are the result of stress-induced issues. At thyssenkrupp, we encourage employees to be safe. April is national stress awareness month. This week between working full time and the end of tax season and a busy holiday weekend coming up it’s important to relax and be aware. Some common methods of relieving that stress are:

• Meditate – a few minutes a day can help ease the anxiety
• Breathe deeply – take a break
• Slow down and be “present”- there is no better way to set yourself up for failure than to be thinking about something else when you are doing what you believe is “routine”. Inattention can lead to injury because you are not focused on the task.
• Decompress – get a massage, laugh out loud, listen to your favorite music, enjoy one of your hobbies from painting to reading a book.

All the best practices listed above can help you clear your mind. Stay safe, and take a few moments to unwind today!

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