Copper Never Wears Out-RECYCLE IT!

Researchers speculate that Copper was first used by man over 10,000 years ago and for many centuries it was the only metal we knew.

Today, despite the presence of hundreds of other materials, copper is still widely used in many critical application across a broad range of industries. While the options to use competing materials are pretty vast in today’s day and age, copper is still growing its usefulness in some key sectors. For instance, according to Copper Development Association, the use of copper and copper alloys in an average US-built passenger car is about 50 pounds, versus 36 pounds in 1980. Copper has aided in the longevity of the millions of vehicles we drive every day.


It Never Wears Out!

  • Continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action
  • Remains effective even after repeated wet & dry abrasion and re-contamination
  • Natural tarnishing does not impair efficacy


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using recycled copper results in a saving of 85-90 percent of the energy that would have been needed to make new copper. With its easy ability to manufacture, machining and corrosion resistance, brass became the standard alloy from which were made all accurate instruments such as clocks, watches and navigational devices.

Copper Development Association reports, copper holds as much as 90 percent of new copper value, and as such it is one of the basic targets for many scrap and metal collectors. Unlike coatings or other materials treatments, the antibacterial efficacy of copper metals won’t wear away. They are solid through-and-through and are effective even when scratched. They offer long-term protection; whereas, antimicrobial coatings are fragile, and can deteriorate or and wear off after time.

Antimicrobial Copper products not only help combat microorganism, they can be recycled, again and again, without any loss of performance, helping to conserve our planet’s resources.

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